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Sabtu, 25 April 2020 - 19:21 WIB

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By : TW Deora and Wilnas

The number of Covid-19-related deaths in the United States passed the 50,000 threshold on Friday morning, following over 3,000 more deaths in a 24-hour period.
The grim mark means that the US death toll doubled in just 10 days, according to Reuters tally. It comes weeks ahead of plans in various states to begin rolling back lockdown orders. The jump in deaths follows over 3,000 reported fatalities on Thursday, the third highest 24-hour toll in the country since the pandemic began. The total confirmed cases in the US is over 870,000.

Despite the staggering amount of cases and deaths, Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the White House coronavirus task force, promised in multiple interviews this week that he believes the crisis will “largely” be done by June.



States such as Texas and Tennessee have also announced plans to begin slowly easing the lockdown restrictions put in place to help stop the spread of the disease.

Businesses, including gyms, barbershops and nail salons, are already set to reopen in Georgia from Friday, based on orders given by Republican Governor Bill Kemp, a move that has been highly criticized, even by President Donald Trump, who has said he wants the country to begin reopening starting in May.

The US is now the nation worst-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with New York State being the top hotspot. The country with the next highest death toll from the virus is Italy, which has suffered more than 25,000 deaths.
The US Labor Department said on Thursday that unemployment has continued to rise at a historically unprecedented pace. Another 4.4 million applications filed last week has brought the total in the past five weeks to 26.4 million.
The new claims figure, for the week ending April 18, shows a decline of 810,000 applications from the previous week’s 5.2 million. However, the total number for the five-week period is greater than all the 23.3 million jobs created in the US since the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

While economists expect the figure to steadily decline going forward, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that his state had 1,000 staff “just to take the incoming unemployment calls. That’s how high the volume is. And they still can’t keep up.”

In Florida, only 14.2 percent of the more than 668,000 claims filed since March 15 have been paid. In Ohio, claimants now have to file on a specific day of the week, depending on the first letter of their last name. Washington residents are complaining that the state’s website crashes or takes hours to respond.

Morgan Stanley said the average jobless rate in the United States will hover at 15.7 percent during the second quarter. According to the bank, the US will experience a 16.4 percent unemployment rate next month, “higher than at any point since the Great Depression.” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this week that he doesn’t expect there will be more PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) money available after this round is exhausted.
The $350-billion program, which is part of the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, is supposed to help small businesses retain employees during the downturn.

However, economists say there is a need for more money because as many as 30 million small businesses in the country, are struggling to stay afloat. They project there could be a second wave of layoffs and applications for unemployment benefits.

“I think the first wave came,” David G. Blanchflower, a professor of economics at Dartmouth College, told NBC. He believes there were indications of an oncoming crisis in the March jobs data: “People thought maybe they could hang on; then, really, they can’t.”

Menawhile in Italy, at least 150 doctors have died after contracting coronavirus, the Italian Association of Doctors said on Friday.Health care professionals account for about 10% of all infections, the organization said.
London’s Metropolitan Police arrested more than 4,000 people for domestic abuse since the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus were introduced, the force said in a statement on Friday.

“The COVID-19 restrictions and ‘stay at home’ instruction is vital to managing this public health crisis, but unfortunately it has also left current and potential victims of domestic abuse even more vulnerable and isolated,” said Commander Sue Williams, the Met’s lead for safeguarding.

“Victims should be assured that they can leave their homes to escape harm or seek help, and they will not be penalized in any way for not maintaining social distancing, or otherwise breaching COVID-19 restrictions. Our prime concern is protecting victims and others who are affected, and bringing offenders to justice,” she added.
A separate Italian health care group, ANAAO, criticized the decree aimed at strengthening the health system, saying it’s not good enough. ANAAO called the measures set out in the Cura Italia decree — which is worth 25 billion euros ($27 billion) and was approved by the government on Friday — “completely disappointing.”
Bavaria, Germany’s largest federal state, will allow church and other religious services to go ahead under certain conditions beginning on May 4, local authorities said on Friday.
Visitors must maintain a distance of about 2 meters, or about six feet, from each other and wear face coverings. There will also be a 60-minute time limit, Bavaria’s head of the state chancellery Florian Herrmann told CNN in a statement. He warned that there needs to be an abundance of caution in conducting the services, adding: ”No infections should follow from encounters of faith! Faith and community strengthens us, especially in challenging times.” Bavaria is the German state with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths.

Possibility of Global Shape Power and Tought

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 is global strategic surprises which did not sharply predict earlier, because of that, now the global community are facing to tackle those seriously and deadly problems. Recently, Covid-19’s outbreat can make several countries have been slumped-in their economy condition including several “top countries” such as UK, United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and others.

Possibility of global dominance shape could occur if the outbreak does not overcome and China will dominate the global influence over United States and Russia. For example, China had held “military show of force” in an international the dispute zone, South China sea. Politically, this is reflected how the smart of China’s government to read and to understand the change of geopolitic and geostrategic which was aimed by the outbreak of Covid-19.
Very interesting if we are analysing how its happen in Bavaria, Germany based on the up facts. I think in the future day, the respect of religions around the world will occur and Muslim will be choiced as the most of people around the world. Last but not least, it is tought religion change which is produced by the outbreak of Covid-19. People around the world will more understand to implement their religiousity much more better than ever. Hopefully.

The writer is an international issue observers.

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