Corona Virus Can Kill Global Economic.

-OPINI-34 Dilihat

By Otjih Sewandarijatun.

The outbreak of Corona virus lately known as Covid 19 has been taking more than 25,000 lifes around the world. Those virus must be done properly to curb spreading to anywhere and go to many countries. If this outbreak does not finish as fast as possible, many countries which did not strong cash flow, goods and foods resilience and normal suply will more suffer than others. Indonesia must alert on the next coming threats related to those virus.

Amids the outbreak of Covid 19, recently oil price war has been happening between Saudi Arabia, Russia and the US. The impacts of those war, oil price has plummeted from US $65 to US $20. Indeed, the plan of APEC’s meeting which is slated April 6th, will be postponed. Corona virus and oil price war will make global economics shutdown, and many countries will plung into deep crisis either based on Covid or impacts of oil price war. indonesia must alert on this.

Jokowi’s administration has taken policy related to social safety net and believing many president, chancellor and prime minister around the world will make same policies, because they are worry if an informal economic sectors, unemployment and hungry people will make social racist riots in their countries. Corona virus has hit global economic activities. Airports, seaport, railway stations, banks, government offices, modern market and mall, hotel, restaurant and bar, etc were closed in several countries. It could trigger and create nore hungry communities, unenployment, added poor class society and several horrific and terrible facts, and all of its can create global uncertainty.

The writer is an international issues observer.


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