Congratulation Biden and Harris

By : Tommy CK

Joe Biden and Kemala Harris were defeated Donald Trump-Mike Pence on the United States Presidential elections. Biden and Harris have taken 290 electoral vote, but Trump was angry and he will make sue on its results. Arizona and Georgia, two majority Republic party base vote had decided to vote Biden and Harris rather than Trump-Pence.

Honestly, during Trump and Pence has been leading the United States leader, they were failed to make US great again. Trump through his decision and his policy had made global uncertainty on economic, politic, security and peaceful situations. Trump had made several Times unproductive statement during his tenure.

Harris and Biden
Harris and Biden

Through Biden’s win, the global society will see more condusively conditions. The world want to see Biden males cleaver economic, security and political decision during his tenure. Biden and Kemala Harris must realize whatever their decision will create global impact.

After Biden leaded the US with Harris, the trade war beetween US vs China will end so that the global economic Will grow again amids Covid 19 outbreak. The bilateral and multilateral relationship between US and their main allies such as Germany, United Kingdom and France will recover and Biden’s global decision will support by them.

Meanwhile on many international issues such as global war on terror, Iran and North Korea nuclear threats, and the US-Russia have still same. Honestly, Russia will more happier if Trump win than Biden, because Russia can control Trump.

Biden who was born in Pennsylvania on November 20th, 1942 will celebrate the next his anniversary as the United States President. Biden had finished on law at the Syracuse University and Kemala Harris the first Asia’s women sion as the first the United States Vice President have waited their affirmative decision on the global issue of Islam and this couple can make Islam and the United State do not on serious condition during their political tenure as the President and Vice President of the US.

Congratulation Joe Biden-Kemala Harris and good bye Donald J Trump-Mike Pence.

*The writer is an international issues observer. Lives in East Jakarta, Indonesia.