-OPINI-79 Dilihat

By :.Toni Soemintardjo.

There were 3 global strategic issue’s which made “global politic and security fewer”. Firstly, the Twitter handle of Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett appears to have been breached, sending out a highly off-message post urging the liberation of Palestine, followed by the lyrics of Turkey’s anthem in English.

The post appeared briefly on Bennett’s Twitter page early on Saturday morning, and while there’s yet no confirmation of the intrusion from the minister or his office, the tweet was archived and captured in a number of screenshots before it was deleted.

For decades, Palestinian territory has been under Israeli military occupation, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and – until 2005 – the Gaza Strip, despite a litany of United Nations resolutions condemning Tel Aviv for repeated human rights violations in the territories and the continued expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Being admit or not, Naftali Bennet’s tweet on Palestine’s was reflected “wreack havocs notion” between Israeli’s top prominent figures related to the basic issues : Palestine’s freedom and those tweet can trigger the rise of Palestine’s intifadah fighters and among mass organisations which was supporting Palestine’s freedom issue around the world including in their one of epicentrum : Indonesia. Secondly, the proposed release of 5,000 jailed Taliban fighters, required under their peace deal with the US, can happen only if the Afghan government gets a guarantee that they will not ‘return to violence,’ President Ashraf Ghani said. Under the agreement signed by the US and the Taliban in Qatar last Saturday, as many as 5,000 members of the militant movement currently held in Afghan prisons would be released by March 10. This would pave the way to intra-Afghan talks on the future of the country. I think Ghani’s statement has reflected the deep questions related the capacity of Afghanistan’s government to maintain condusive circuumstances especially they must convienience that 5,000 Taliban’s members who will free on March 10th do not disturb national situation because they are still have combat capability and firmly tenet freedom. Thirdly, two more suspects have been nabbed after the deadly Pulwama terrorist attack – which killed 40 Indian troops and spiked hostilities between India and Pakistan.

The two men – Waiz ulr Islam, 19, and Mohd Abbas Rather, 32 – were arrested by India’s counterterrorism force, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), on Friday, alleging Islam procured bomb ingredients such as ammonium nitrate from the online retail titan. The teen, whose father is a government employee, is also accused of personally bringing items to the terrorist cell that carried out the attack, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). Many international issues observer have agreed that the brute tension between Pakistan and India will go worse and indeed previously Modi’s government had launched anti Muslim’s law in India.

Those law had mocked and scorned including triggering anti India or Hinduism followers around the world and in Indonesia several mass organisation were held mass rallies in Jakarta and they sworn the will sweep India’s citizens who are living and working in here. Basically and truthly, those strategic issues can make political and security uncertainty and its could create global and national situations will take more time to comeback after Covid19 attacks which is not effectively and completely tackled globally.

The writer is an international issue observer. Live in Cilangkap, East Jakarta