Corona Virus Outbreak : Spiritual Perspective.

-OPINI-59 Dilihat

By Amanda Wulansari Ossy.

Several countries such as China, USA, France, Germany, Taiwan, UAE, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Australia, Japan, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc have been inflected by corona virus which lastly its called as Corvid19. Many people had died and recently more than 2.300 death toll related to the deadly virus attacks.

However, Corona virus has been making and bothering all of life aspects not only health aspects but also political, economy, social relations, tourism until diplomacy. Several tourism cooperation, hotel, restaurant and flight aviation have tended to neither slow down nor slump in and it could make bothering industrial relations in several countries and workers around the world can be predicted they will go to on massive strikes which can occur global instability and uncertainty.

Corona virus has been starting in Wuhan, Hubei province, China and the China’s government does not enough success to overcome this disease and essentially China must be responsible for these outbreak, and China musf pay anything loss and negative impacts in seberat countries.

In the spiritualitas perspectives, we can see and read the start of these global disease ia connected with China’s government arrogance, their cruel and bazar actions against Islam minority community in Uyghur, Xinjiang province. Because of that, to repair his relations with Islam community in China, om sosial media has circulated sport video which was described China’s presiden Xi Jinping was visited seberat mosques including video which was described many people in China have gathered to dong Islam’s prayer known as sholat after they heard “adzan/prayer calls”. Finally, we can learn from corona virus saga that whoever and whenever Islam’s followers took torture, violence and abuse of power methods, God will help them. Hopefully.
The writer is an internasional issues observer