Omnibus Law Can Create Million of Jobs in Indonesia

-OPINI-61 Dilihat

By :.Orbita and Elang Erlangga.

The Indonesia’s government under Jokowi’s administration has been trying to solve overlapping and obesity of regulations in Indonesia which is make the business competitiveness in Indonesia does not drag foreign investors to invest in this country.

Realizing these core problems, Jokowi’s administration has made omnibus law in several business and economic sector including taxation which is aimed to boost and to attract Indonesia’s market potential to domestic and foreign investors. Now, the draft of omnibus law at legislative board (Baleg) of the House of Representative.

Unfortunely, several student groups or known as BEM and labor organisation have denied omnibus law. They have several reasoning and notion to avoid omnibus law draft. Meanwhile, being admit or not, the outbreak of Covid 19 has made Indonesia’s economic situation under pressure and its takes a long time to raise again, so several infrastructure projects in Indonesia have been cancelled or they did not accomplish as being targeted previously.

Besides of that, Jokowi’s administration has tried to involve and invitation several autoritative groups from labor, students, academia, pundits, observer, mass media to discuss and to finish omnibus law as “point of no return”. Several strategic impacts which can create if omnibus law does not finish such as over regulated in Indonesia still happens, the slump in of economic wheels in Indonesia, the raising of unemployment, disguised unemployment and crimes in Indonesia, politic and economic crisis could happens and unstable situations both chaotic and riots can happens.

The writer is national problems observer.