-OPINI-25 Dilihat

By Syaiful Syam Kurniadi.

The government of India has made big blunder when they were launched anti Muslim bills which it made muslim immigrants in India and their nationals itself who have muslim’s scion will take “second level nationals”. Those bills makes muslim in other countries do not respect to India. Including in Indonesia, several muslim’s mass organization will make simultaneous mass rallies against India’s decisions. I think muslim in Indonesia must support muslim in India.


The government of Indonesia should support too because there is humankind abuse and violences which be taken by muslim in India. On several social media, we can see how brute force, brutality, outrage and brazen actions have been doing by India’s people mostly there are not muslim to muslim community in India. Muslim siciety in India now in danger. Human rights violence and race slaughter in India must quickly be responded by global society.


They must embargo dan carrantine India. Muslim people in Indonesia clearly do not respect to whatever are happening in India. Muslim people in Indonesia agree and support Turkey’s president, Reccep Tayyeb Erdogan and India’s muslim movie star, Sakhrukh Khan who are condemn and scorn to whatever were did India’s government especially they had made controversial and racial bills against muslim existence in India.


India must learn from China’s case when the communist government has been pressuring and torturing muslim society in Uyghur, Xinjiang, now they are taking “long and scream nightmare” related to coronavirus outbreak. After the government of India has not been protecting muslim community in India, we will wait what the next God punishment to India. We will see.

The writer is muslim activist.


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